Why We Are

At Take The L we aim to truly care about everything we write. Posts will likely be sporadic, but we would always prefer two high quality posts (interviews, reviews, etc.) over a dozen tidbits that we never even cared about. We hope to embody the idea that “less is more,” except for when it pertains to mass transit schedules.

Next time you’re waiting for an L Train listen carefully to the sound it makes when pulling in and out of the station. Sounds a lot like the end of The Bourne Identity, yeah? Turns out it really just sounds like Moby’s “Extreme Ways,” which is used at the end of the Bourne movies.

Why the focus on interviews? Now more than ever it is important to remember that we’re all people. Everyone on Earth and the six folks in space (three Russians, two Americans, and a Frenchman as of 3.11.2017) are all humans and should be treated as such. We’re all flawed, unique, and undeniably ourselves. By focusing on interviews with artists we aim to remind us all that they are people too, they just happen to be a lot more talented than the rest of us.