Wolf Parade Blurb

Wolf Parade has an album coming out tomorrow and Mike is ecstatic — here is a slightly personal blurb about how ecstatic he is:

Anyone I’ve spoken to about music knows that my musical tastes revolve around Wolf Parade — it’s tough to talk music with me without them coming up. The announcement of Cry Cry Cry made me nervous. Nervous that it would be impossible to satisfy whatever ridiculous expectations I had established in my mind. Before hearing the album I would’ve told you that seeing them play the same old songs live into eternity is all I’d ever want. I was uneasy listening to this album for the first time, but with each listen it became clear how Wolf Parade this record is. It’s raw, it’s rock, it’s weird, it’s chaotic, it’s clever, it’s melodic, it’s beautiful, it IS Wolf Parade. This album is SO Wolf Parade and that is awesome. I am relieved, thrilled, and impressed, and I am stoked too catch them on tour this month. – Mike


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